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The Day I met an Awesome Dog

This weekend was pretty much spent closed off in my home office working. I've been a slug when it came to working this past month or so. That's the hard part about being your own boss. No one's there to give you a good kick in the pants when you need to get motivated.

I had to remove all distractions to stay focused, so I took out the remote to the television in my office and made sure my phone, tablet, e-reader, and my fitness tracker were in my bedroom. I have this small Woodstock character (think Snoopy) that sits on a pile of Post-It Notes in the corner of my desk. When you wind it up it'll slowly walk across the desk. I even had to grab that and toss it onto my bed. But I was finally able to focus and I got 5 hours of work done on Saturday and 5 hours on Sunday. So, yay me!

I also did some yoga (which I'm really diggin' lately), organized my Tupperware cupboard, dumped out my sock drawer and made sure all the socks had matches, and downloaded that Marie Kondo book since both my sock drawer and unmentionables drawers are a mess! And that's not even taking into account my closets. (I live alone. How is it I have four closets stuffed to the max with clothes?? And one closet is even a walk-in!) We'll see, but I have serious doubts that one little book is going make much of a difference when it comes to my closets.

Since I didn't make it there this past weekend and my refrigerator was looking a little sparse, I made the trek to the grocery store. I hate grocery shopping. Probably because I'm never prepared and don't know what to buy. I always have good intentions and start grocery lists. The problem is I never finish them. So this weeks list of "eggs, fabric softener and cooking spray" wasn't going to cut the mustard.

And, not to be whiny, it's hot! When it's this hot I don't want to have to put on presentable clothes just to go to the grocery store. Hmm... that's not quite correct. It's more like I don't want to have to put on a bra just to schlep into a hot car and then schlep myself across a hot parking lot in order to buy groceries. Seriously! There has to be women out there who feel my pain!

But I did it (the grocery shopping and the bra). In honor of the summer heat even though it's technically not summer yet, I broke out my cut off shorts and my favorite berry colored tank from Sturgis. An old boyfriend gave me that tank and a few others like it after he went to the motorcycle rally up there. He and I didn't last but my love for the tanks he gave me is eternal. So if I had to leave the house today I was going to do it wearing something I loved.

I kept my garage door open when I was unloading my trunk after spending 40 minutes and $60 in the store. Out of nowhere this fluffy ball of fur ran up to me. Of course I had to give the dog pets, belly rubs, and ear scratches. He was so cute that I started thinking about snatching him up and keeping him forever (not really. Well, maybe for just a second or two). But then a man and woman stopped in front of my driveway. He was holding one of those retractable dog leashes and she looked to be about a million months pregnant. They apologized and called the dog over, but the dog wouldn't leave me. I told them that it was fine and that I was already in love with their dog. This seemed to make them lighten up a bit and they walked halfway up my driveway and started chatting.

They introduced themselves (their names I don't remember because I honestly didn't care ... which sounds bad now that I've typed it out) and then they complimented my yard. The woman said, "I don't know how you manage to keep it so nice. Especially since you're a widow and have to do it all yourself."

First of all, while growing up helping with yard work was part of my chores. So, I think I got it. Second, would she even had thought to utter such a sentence to a single man taking care of his yard? And third, widow?? When exactly did I marry and then lose a husband???

Before I could say anything, the man praised their lawn service and said he could give me their number if I was interested. I just shook my head, said I enjoyed doing my lawn (not all that much, but you know...), and then I told them I wasn't a widow. The woman said, "Oh, I'm sorry. It's just one of our neighbor's told us you were, and we don't ever see your husband outside when we go by." I just shrugged and told them I didn't have a husband.

I have no idea why that is such earth shattering news but apparently it was. The man just stared at me as if we weren't speaking the same language. I honestly felt like saying "no tengo esposo" since English didn't seem to be working for him. And the woman gave me one of those squinty eyed smirks. Forget resting bitch face. This was bitchy bitch face. Then she told the guy they had to go and told him to get the dog. The guy actually had to get really close to me because the dog didn't want to budge. Not that I could blame her.... And then they left. The man at least gave me a little wave as he walked the dog away, but the woman was just simply out of here.

The whole thing is so weird. I've lived here for quite a few years and I don't know anyone in the neighborhood. I mean, I know some of the people on my block. But even then I'm a big proponent of "good fences make good neighbors". I don't want to be all up in my neighbor's business and I don't want them all up in mine. I like being friendly but I don't exactly want to be friends. Beyond my block, I couldn't even give you a description of the people that live in the different houses. So who exactly is telling people I'm a widow? And why was the fact that I'm not and that I'm not married such a big deal to this couple?

I don't know.... Middle class suburbia. These people are nuts.

8:15 p.m. - 2020-06-08


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